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Was that the 70’s, or what? Surfer bangs, beaded choker. I was close to the end of my time with orthodontia. Braces were a heck of an expense for my single mother. After all that time in metal, I was very good for many years about wearing my retainers so that my teeth would not return to their crooked past. Until my young adult years when they were destroyed by a dog. I didn’t have the money to replace them. My teeth went crooked. Dang. Lesson: sell whatever you must to raise the funds. 

All of our daughters have had braces. The combined cost for treatment for one of them was equivalent to four years’ tuition at college. I was wondering today, if they didn’t wear their retainers and their teeth shifted, would I resent the money we spent on their teeth that could have gone to other equally important needs? And I can honestly say, no. I would not be resentful. As a parent, you do what you can to take care of your children’s needs. Crooked teeth are not merely a cosmetic consideration. They lead to tooth decay, broken teeth, pain from misaligned bites. Lots of problems. You do what you can and hope your children will appreciate the financial sacrifice and stay on the “straight and narrow”. 

It made me think about the atonement. Heavenly Father sacrificed His son for us. That was treasure dearly spent. It was painful. I know He hopes we will appreciate the sacrifice and respect and value it. Yet some of His children don’t. Given their lack of appreciation for the cost, does He consider the price paid wasted on them? No. He would do it again. Jesus would do it again. 

He has graven us upon the palms of his hands.