I have been on a news fast since the election. I don’t think I have been so depressed for my country since 9/11. I know many out there feel that this election was not a crossroads election, but I do. It was closely divided, so there are still many people in this country that believe in the opportunity society as opposed to the welfare society, but, apparently, not enough. And I think those numbers will continue to dwindle with time.

By opportunity society, I mean the idea that government promotes an atmosphere of opportunity for business and individuals that ensures a healthy economy with good-paying jobs, so that people can provide for themselves adequately. The welfare society, in contrast, believes in highly regulating and taxing business and individuals so that government can provide for the people. One system trusts individuals, the other trusts government. Unfortunately, the evidence so far indicates that governments that go down the path of the welfare society quickly run out of cash to provide for everything the public wants, and sooner or later, the government goes broke. Greece is broke. Europe is going broke. They can do that. What happens when America goes broke?


Those that advocate for the welfare society always think that the consequences of failed policies in other countries somehow won’t happen here. They are like a teenager who thinks that “it won’t happen to me.” Delusion or hubris? Maybe both.

Anyway, the choice could not have been more stark.

When I was young and first joined the church, the descriptions of the last days had little practical meaning for me. It just sounded like exciting times! Saturday’s Warrior and all that stuff! Now, they have a lot of meaning. I do not feel up to the task most times. I never had extended family that understood the spiritual reality of what is happening around us and therefore could act as a support for me and my family, even if only emotional support. Now the tables have turned. I am beyond seeking their support. Instead I feel the need to be able to offer support. My children are grown. I worry for them. Will they be able to find jobs and provide for themselves? Jobs are going to continue to be hard to come by. Will they see the growing evil for what it is? Will thy keep their standards high? I want to gather my chicks home and keep them all safe. I wonder, have I taught them enough? Have I given them all the preparation they need to see themselves through these times? Will they be wise? Will they choose the right? Do they understand how being close to the spirit is absolutely vital?

The election results have left me with the feeling that this is part of the end we’ve been warned of. All of the warnings, all of the preparation is not for some time in the future. It is for now. It is here. It is time to embrace the reality of the last days and trust that the Lord will help me and my family navigate them.

The first thing I did was stop watching, listening to and reading the news. It no longer makes a difference. The downward slide is going to continue, and debating and bumper stickers and yard signs are not going to make any difference. The difference will be in the good I can do around me.

I went to the doctor the other day. He’s a good doc and a little quirky. He’s an MD but also a practitioner of Chinese medicine. He checked me out and said, “Get more sleep. And stop watching the news.” I laughed and told him I had stopped watching since the election. He repeated his prescription, “Good. Stay away from the news. You can’t fix it.” Then he added, “Just pray.”